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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Class Project: Arm Knit Necklace

Last night's free class was another arm knitting class. This time, students got to expand their arm knitting skills with some new techniques.

We used multiple strands this time. We had used multiple strands in a couple of the previous classes, of course, but this time we used 6 strands. It actually took longer to measure and cut 6 strands of yarn from the skein than it did to arm knit the whole necklace.

Plus, the necklace is knit I-cord-style, which is a little different than regular arm knitting. Still, everyone was able to pick up the technique quickly. I had 6 students in my class, plus me, and we all finished our projects in about an hour.

Here is mine. I used some Bernat Softee Chunky in Schoolyard. I have two winter coats, one red and one black, and this colorway is perfect for both of them. Don't you think?

I teach one free class each month with projects like this one. My next one is a finger crochet scarf. That will be a fun class!


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