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Sunday, January 27, 2013


One of the creepiest monsters ever is a doppleganger. It looks like you, sounds like you, and according to some stories, it has your memories. And it kills you and takes your place.

I think I'm in big trouble.

I actually almost bought this during our last trip to Goodwill. Almost. But I couldn't figure out what its function is supposed to be. Is it a birdhouse? I can imagine birds going in and out, but it seems like that hole is very small. The way T feeds the birds around here (because Achilles likes to watch them squabble over the food) no fatass bird in this neighborhood would fit into that mouth.

Is it a planter? I have to admit, it would be hilarious to see Wandering Jews or Burro Tails trailing out of the mouth, but it's not really deep enough to hold much soil.

It would make a really cool plant waterer, too. Like, if there were a hole in the back of the head that you would insert a hose and the water would cascade out of the mouth. But, there is no place to insert a hose.

So, since I couldn't figure out what it was for, I didn't get it.

Also, it's pretty effin creepy.


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