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Monday, January 28, 2013

Free Pattern - Best Friends Necklace

You know how some people's lives are just intertwined with yours? These are people who are so much a part of you that you aren't really sure where you end and they begin.

Those are the people whose dreams and goals match yours, the people who stand beside you no matter what. And they won't ever let you go. And when you feel bad and start to withdraw, those people pull you closer.

That's the Best Friends Necklace. Two I-cords, worked in silver and gold held together by each other, each looping and twisting around the other. And no amount of pulling will separate these two.

Best Friends Necklace

You'll need:
Crochet thread in two different colors
Size 2 DPNs
Jewelry clasp (with jump ring) or button 

Here's the knitting:
Cast on 4 stitches with gold.

Work I-cord for 24 inches and bind off.

Make a silver I-cord the same way.

Seam the ends together to make one continuous I-cord loop.

Here's the tricky part: (Just like life)
Lay your I-cords with one loop overlapping the other. The seams should be at the outer ends.

Slip the left loop (in this case, gold) under the right loop.

On the other end, make sure the silver loop is on top of the gold loop.

Pull the ends of both loops gently, causing them to intertwine.
Stop when it looks like this.

Attach the button to one end and make a loop on the other end.

Give it to your best friend.

Since T is my best friend, I made this for him. But T is not really into necklaces, so I know he would want me to have this.


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