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Monday, September 02, 2013


I don't remember if I told you this, but about two weeks ago, a water main broke in the front yard. Spewed water all over. Luckily for us (sarcasm) the break was on the customer side, so the water company said, "Too bad." (If you'd like to see what a $600 water bill looks like, let me know. I have one.)

So we got some guys to dig up the front yard and fix it. Hooray. No more water pouring out into the street. Then, yesterday, one of our neighbors stopped T as he took out the trash. The conversation went like this:

Neighbor: Hey, you guys are working a whole lot, I guess?

T: Yeah. Pretty much.

Neighbor: So I guess you haven't been in your backyard lately?

T: Not in a while.

Neighbor: You probably should.

So we went into the backyard and hey, presto! The backyard is a swamp! The ground is so saturated it doesn't even absorb any more water. There's just 2 inches of standing water on top of the lawn. And I thought my yard was just doing well, all green and stuff, because I finally got this green thumb thing right!

Yay! (More sarcasm.) So, now the guys have to come back and dig up the back yard, I guess.

Hey, perhaps this is what all those dreams about being underwater are about?


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