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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Naked And Afraid

Have you seen this show? Naked And Afraid on Discovery Channel? I confess, I've only watched a piece of it. (Want to know how to get me to watch a show? Put the word "naked" in the title.)

Basically, a man and a woman are set loose in some wilderness with no clothes or anything and they have to survive for 21 days. They might get sick. They might get injured. They might become malnourished. (I guess most of them do.) They have to learn to work together to survive.

Sure, this is basically Survivor Man, except with a naked couple. And less actual survival experience to start with, I guess. But it's a very interesting concept. Making them naked adds a layer of emotional vulnerability to the already vulnerable physical reality of survival.

And, as I've mentioned, it makes people watch the show.


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