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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


So I was watching this documentary--or, I guess, part of a documentary--on one of the science-y channels late at night. It was about Megalodon. I didn't watch the beginning or the end of it, so I can only guess it wasn't a real documentary. I'm thinking it was a "mockumentary" like the one on Mermaids a couple of years ago or the one on Dragons before that.

But, fake or not, it was pretty interesting. Food for thought at least. Like, the oceans are so vast and deep, how are we really to know what's in there? Megaladon, submerged alien spaceship, giant squid, Namor, Prince of the Sea... We can't really know until we've mapped it all. And we've really only explored a fraction of the world's oceans.

This is the kind of thing I was talking about the other day. This unseen world. If you are on a cruise ship in the ocean, discoing the night away on the Lido Deck, you probably aren't thinking of the vicious prehistoric predator swimming in the water just below you, which may or may not choose that moment to reveal itself as hey, not extinct after all, now get in my belly! But that creature might very well be there.

That's why, I guess, the ocean is such a scary place to me. Be on the water and you never know what's under you. Be in the water, and you still won't see it coming.


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