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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Can Summer Be Over Already?

The kids around here are all back to school now. That seems like a very short summer. Yeah, I know most of them are on a year-round schedule now, but still. It seems like a very short summer.

Maybe it's like that when you get older? I remember when I was a kid, summers seemed to go on forever. And when it was finally time to go back to school, that world seemed like such a distant memory that the first day of school was always such a novelty. Even the summers in college were long. (I worked and took summer classes during those summers, but they still seemed long to me.)

I just find that time speeds by so quickly these days. Like all my time is running downhill now, so it's picked up momentum or something. The days go so quickly that I barely make a dent in my to do list each day. And the months are flying by.

It's the middle of August. Where did the time go?


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