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Monday, September 09, 2013


Water has been my thing, lately.

My dreams are dominated by the images of flooding--my most frequent stress symbol. Then the water main. Then, because the water main apparently broke and got dirt and stuff in the line, both of my bathroom faucets had to be replaced. Apparently, rocks had been forced through the line into the faucet and had blocked the flow of water almost completely.

Even in my early childhood, water was a stress symbol. I remember taking swimming lessons two different summers. Back then, the thought process was, you spend 9 months in water, so you instinctively know how to swim. So the "instructors" would just throw you into the deep end of the pool, where you couldn't touch bottom (Wasted effort on me. I would still have trouble touching the bottom of the pool.) and then, they would stand on the side of the pool yelling "Swim! Swim!"

And yet, I seem drawn to water. I'm attracted to lakes and pools and streams. Why is that, when water is clearly my one weakness?


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