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Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Little More Tardis, A Little Less Swearing

Who am I kidding? You know this thing is making me cuss like a... I don't know. Who cusses a lot? Anyway, I did the cuff. Back to 2 X 2 rib. And I made it longer than the pattern called for. Took me forever to do.

Of course, I'm sick, too. So that makes thinking a little more difficult. I have some weird virus thing, I guess. I didn't sleep well all night. Then, when I got up, the puking began.

Sucks, too. (Not just the puking.) Today was the annual Zombie Walk we do for charity at our store. Despite the fact that I look like a zombie without any makeup already, I decided to stay home and take an 8-hour nap. While clothing stained with my bodily fluids may have made an authentic-looking zombie costume, I don't think the other zombies would have appreciated it very much.

Too bad, too. I was looking forward to eating brains cupcakes. Too bad it makes me nauseous to look at them.

Tomorrow, maybe, I will feel like eating one. We had some left over, which he dropped off at the fire department for the firemen/women who are working. (That's not weird. They know us. I bring them stuff all the time.)

Still, I really wanted a cupcake.


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