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Monday, October 07, 2013

More Hat Progress!

See? I told you this goes fast when you do it right.

Here are the horns I knit for R's Christmas hat. (Well, there's only one in this pic, I guess. And it's not stuffed. So you're going to have to use your imagination a little.) Only one strand of yarn for these, but I did change the pattern up a little. (Surprise!)

I did these on dpns, rather than knitting flat and seaming. That's a little fiddly at the beginning, because you're starting with the point and working down, so you basically start with one stitch. But it worked out really well. I like the way this looks. And it has the added bonus of no seaming.

I also added another short row area in each horn. After I knitted the horn to pattern, I decided that 1) it really wasn't big enough for my tastes and 2)there needed to be a little more of an upward curve in it. So I just repeated the short row portion of the pattern again.

Basically, it's increase, increase, increase, short rows, knit, short rows, knit, bind off--instead of increase, increase, increase, short rows, knit, bind off.

These look good. I'm starting to get happy with this project.


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