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Friday, September 27, 2013

Bead Crochet Bracelet

No, I didn't make it. As if I could!

It was crocheted by my friend, Lori. She told me she whipped it (and several others) up on the plane on the way here from California. Wow. Here it is under the Ott True-Light:

Bead crochet is something that just astounds me. I tried to look at this to determine how it's made, and I just can't tell. I finally asked Lori about its construction--is it crocheted in a tube? Is it flat? It is crocheted in a circle? Or straight and then seamed?

She explained it to me, but--to be completely frank--I still don't get it. I do have a couple of patterns that are similar, so I might just try it at some point. I'm pretty sure mine are not going to look this good, though.

When Lori gave me this bracelet, she showed me a bunch and let me take my pick. I almost couldn't decide between the first one and this one.

So she gave me this one too.

I won't see Lori again until next summer, when she visits for GenCon. Maybe I will learn to do bead crochet by then and I can give her one of my bracelets?


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