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Friday, September 20, 2013

Poor Laptop

Poor Laptop Baby. Poor My Precious.

This morning, my poor laptop was sick. I was desperate to fix him. I tried every trick I knew of to get signed on so I could run a scan on him.

And, by the way, what about all that protection Norton is supposed to be giving me? Why wasn't I protected? I called Norton, too. And after being on hold for 38 minutes ("Your estimated wait time is 8 minutes.") I finally got though to the help line. I don't want to be ugly here. I know you have to have Level Ones to triage the calls so that the actual techs aren't bombarded with stupid questions.

But listen, I just told you everything I did. There is no need to go over the same things that I have already told you I've done JUST BECAUSE IT IS IN YOUR SCRIPT. I think at that point, you should say "It sounds like you've done everything that I've been told to ask you to do. Let me transfer you to a tech."

And then, the tech goes over THE SAME DAMN THING. Listen, even if I hadn't done all of this prior to being on hold for 38 minutes, then surely I would have done it with the Level One CSR before she transferred me to you, right?

Anyway, Norton was no help. They say if my computer was infected with a virus, then it is a hardware issue, not because they don't offer the kind of protection they claim to provide. I asked her "Then why am I paying for Norton?"

After that, I was able to take my baby over to Fixxit, where Mr. Fixxit was able to get My Precious going again. Thanks, Jim! You're a miracle worker.


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