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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Taking A Break

I don't even know how many days in a row T and I have worked. It's definitely in triple digits by now. So, we decided to take a day trip and just do something fun.

Of course, The Universe always laughs about things like that.

First of all, the people who told us how to get to this place were liars. They told us "Go to the next exit, just right down there, and turn. Then, it's two miles."


The gas station people are also liars. "Just turn at that next exit, and it's about six miles."

Wrong. Wrong.

And, once you're on the road, the liar sign says 10 miles.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

First of all, the next exit is two miles away. It is not "just down there." Although, technically, I guess it is. I just expect that when someone is pointing at something, they are pointing at something fairly close by. Something you could see. Not something two miles away.

Secondly, it is not two miles down that road. It's not six miles down the road. It's not 10 like the first sign says. Or 5 more, like the second sign says after 15 miles.

No, it's actually 30 miles down that road.

That'd be the twisty, turny, only technically big enough to be called a road, road. Road that you have to drive no faster than 30 miles an hour on. Road with so many turns I was literally getting motion sickness. No shit. The roads snaked so much that, when one of the upcoming curves actually had a warning sign on it, I almost had a panic attack. How bad does it have to be that this one has a sign?!

Anyway, we got there and it was lovely. Green and waterfally, and really pretty.

And then it started raining.


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