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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fidget Work

I got all fidgety tonight and just grabbed a ball of yarn and some needles. This is a yarn M gave me. (Or she was with me when I got it. I can't remember. At any rate, this yarn is now linked to M in my mind.)

Rowan Glimmer Print. I can't see what the color name is because the price tag is on top of it and it tore when I tried to lift it. It's a pretty pale blue-green with a gold print on it. I only have one ball of it, just 50 yards, so I'm not sure exactly what to do with it.

I decided to knit a lacy scarf with big needles. I thought I might get enough length out of it that way. So I cast on to some large needles and did a basic YO, K1 / K1, K2tog 2-row lace.

It's pretty, and it shows the gold off really well. But...

1) I don't think 50 yards is going to be enough for any sort of scarf.

2) The gold is really getting all over.

All over my pants.

All over my cat.

I'm thinking of ripping this out and maybe using the yarn to make something that won't be so actively used... Like a flower decoration for something.


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