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Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Christmas Project Started

Yes, I know. I should be finishing some projects. But we have to do things as we have the resources to do them, right?

I've decided to make this stocking for Bre for Christmas. I'm using a snow white yarn and my beads are red and green. They are also a bit larger than the beads in this pattern. So far it looks fine, though.

I guess if I knit a bit and it starts to look crazy stupid, I can always rip it out and start over. I do that enough, so why not?

Anyway, as much as I hate doing socks, you would wonder why I insist on making stockings for the kids. I don't know. Tradition, I suppose. My mom made our stockings when we were little. Not knitted. They were felt and she embellished them. But I kept mine and used mine for probably 40 years. I still have it, actually. It's just a little fragile these days, so I don't use it for stocking-like purposes.

Anyway, Magic Loop makes this go quickly. Beading slows it way down. Hopefully I can finish before we need it on Christmas Eve.


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