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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Simple Life

Sometimes I have this fantasy about The Simple Life.

Not that. I'm talking about growing your own vegetables, making your own clothes, building your own house, etc.

Yeah, ok. It is kind of a lame fantasy. And I would never be able to do it, frankly. I like my car. I like the grocery store. I like the internet, for crap's sake! And listen, I might be able to do all of that (Yeah, even the building of a house. I got mad skillz you ain't even seen yet!) I'm not sure that I would want to have to.

But, you know, I would like some things simpler. Like, gift giving. I think it would be awesome if people gave gifts that they, themselves, made. You know, something they had to think about and put effort into. Even if it were only partly made--a bought frame and a photo you took yourself; a made frame and a picture you painted; a decorated box with homemade candy; a hand-woven rug; a serving dish you glazed and fired at the ceramic shop; a scarf you knitted.

Maybe it's me, but I think these things are so meaningful. Even when I knit a basic, big needle, garter stitch scarf, there is a great deal of thought that goes into it. Color, texture, pattern. I think about the recipient. And then, my thoughts turn to that recipient as I knit, too. (Even if I'm watching TV.)

It's like you are imbuing the scarf (or whatever you make) with your positive energy. So you're not only giving a scarf, you're giving love. (If that's not too weird to say.) I like that about crafting.

I wish other people felt that way. I wish they would see a hand-crafted gift for the blessing that it is. I think, though, people tend to think you've just cheaped out on a gift. A shame, really. It kind of says it's not, really, the thought that counts.


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