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Monday, October 14, 2013


Mondays are always very productive days for me, work-wise. Not so much knitting, I guess, but I get a lot of other things done.

Mondays I usually spend at the computer, head down, working. I don't have any appointments or anything on Mondays and I don't work the sales floor. I inhabit the office in my head and wherever my laptop happens to be.

That may seem boring to some, but to me, it's very energizing. I feel like--and I mean this in the very best way possible--without all the distractions of everyday life I can move a much faster pace. I only come up for air when I need to.

I know. That just screams Introvert. It's okay. You can say it. It's not a dirty word.

I always tell T that the difference between us is that I learned the lessons they taught us in Kindergarten--Don't talk to strangers... Don't interrupt... It's polite to wait for an invitation... Use your "indoor voice"...

Of course, that makes us pretty evenly matched. For example, in those times when you're driving around looking for some address, he will stop and ask someone for directions. Me? Hey, that's why they invented Google Maps. So you don't have to talk to strangers.


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