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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where Do You Want To Be?

Maybe I'm just feeling a bit nostalgic because October is my birthday month. That always makes me think of things. Or maybe it's just that I'm old now and have learned some things along the way. But I wanted to share a conversation with you.

I interviewed a person for a job a while back. I didn't ask, but I would guess this person to be in their early to mid- 20's. I asked them about their current job--a job I felt was a pretty good one for the market and this person's education and experience level. He seemed very embarrassed and told me, "I had planned to be farther along my career path by now."

I felt a little weird about that. I mean, it's good to be ambitious and to have plans, but what's the old saying? Man makes plans and God laughs.

Look at me, for example. In my youth, I'd planned to be an award-winning journalist. It was not beyond the realm of possibilities, either. I was quite good, especially for someone so young. I planned to be fully committed to doing serious, important work that made a viable difference in the world around me. But then, things happened in my life that altered my perception subtly.

Back then, it was important to always be moving forward, always achieving, always winning. Back then, it was important never to compromise, never to let anything be taken from me or forced upon me.

I'm different now than I was then.

Back then, I was steel. Now, I'm more like bamboo. I'm still hard. I'm just flexible. LOL.

Anyway, if my twenty-year-old self could see me now, I'm sure she would first of all be surprised I lived so long and that I'm not an alcoholic. But, beyond that, I think she would be able to see the logical progression of our personality--even if it was something she had never previously considered.

That's why I smile a little when someone says "I planned to do this with my life." or "I am destined to be that." or "This is where I'm going to be." Because, you never know, do you?


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