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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Why Can't Things Be Accurate?

I hate it when things are completely inaccurate.

Take, for example, my gas tank. I get in, and the dashboard tells me 21 miles to go before Empty. Well, that's okay. I'm running late, but it's only 2 miles to work. So I have enough gas to drive to work and then get gas on the way home, right? Sure. I get to work and look at the reading before I shut off the engine, just to be sure. 42 miles to go before Empty.

Really? I gained 21 miles' worth of gas driving over? (Or would that be 23 miles' worth, since I drove two miles? I don't know. You do the math.) Whatever. At any rate, I've got plenty of gas to drive a quarter mile to the closest gas station after work or two miles to the gas station close to my house (which I prefer). I'm good.

After work, get back in the car and it says 36 miles to go. So, somehow I lost 6 miles, parked in the lot. Hm. Remind me never to park there again.

I drive to the gas station, put $10 of gas in (because that was all the cash I had and I had forgotten my bank card). I get in, start the car and it says 19 miles to go before Empty. WTF?

Oh yeah, I know a lot of this has to do with the slant of my driveway, the heat of the day, the sloshing of the tank, etc. I'm guessing I was probably running on fumes by the time I got to the gas station. And normally I don't let the car get that low. T ended up going back out later and filling the car all the way. That seemed to solve the gas tank accuracy problem.

Another inaccuracy that drives me crazy is the wait time on customer service phone calls--no matter what company you're calling. "You are currently caller number 6. Your approximate wait time is ten minutes." Ten minutes my ass. I've never been on hold with any company for less than 20 minutes.

And how about those jeans sizes? I know for fact I'm a size 6, but somehow that won't even fit one of my butt cheeks. Same with a size 8. WTF, jeans companies? Are you trying to make me feel like I'm not a size 6?

And scales. They're just as bad. Scales are so inaccurate, you can't trust them--even at the doctor's office. I mean really... If I actually weighed what those scales say I weigh, I'd be really depressed.

And calendars. Those are the biggest inaccuracies of all. I certainly don't feel old.


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