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Thursday, January 09, 2014

FO: Cowl

Not the test knit shrug. But that's coming.

This is the River Deep, Mountain High Cowl. It's a very simple pattern, that--paired with a lovely color-change yarn--looks very impressive. It's a bulky-weight guage, knit in the round on #10 needles, so it goes very quickly. I did this in about three hours, but remember I don't feel well, so I'm off my game. You could probably do it in two.

The yarn is Premier Yarns Saturate in Redwood. I've had my eye on this yarn for a while, but have resisted buying more yarn when I already have so much. Oh, who am I kidding? I was waiting for it to go on sale. Which it did, right after the New Year. Luckily--or maybe not so lucky for the ol' purse--I was able to hit that sale before the snow and before I got sick.

Trust me. I bought more.

This cowl is for me, but I like the pattern so much I think I will make one for M, too. Still feeling crappy and I have no voice, but I'm beginning to think I might live.


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