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Sunday, January 12, 2014

FO: Non-Airy, Non Alpaca Cowl

So what do you suppose goes through a person's mind when they choose a pattern called Airy Alpaca Cowl? Maybe, "I think I'll make this with a non-alpaca yarn?" or "I think I'll make this with a yarn that isn't quite so light and airy, but is still bulky guage?" Yeah. Both of those things, probably.

Or, I could just be a little lightheaded from all the coughing and the lack of sleep. But I decided to make the Airy Alpaca Cowl with a bulky, non-alpaca yarn.

It actually looks really good, I think. This is my last skein of Premier Yarns Saturate (I wish I'd bought more when it was on sale! Love this yarn!) and this colorway is Clematis. I thought that was fitting, since the lace twists on the front of the cowl look a little like a flower.

This knit up super-quick on #8 needles. I'm still not feeling well, but the pattern was pretty easy and I had no trouble following it, even in my addled state of mind.

The lace is a nice focal point, and the double seed stitch adds a lot of texture. But I also like the twisted rib stitch on top and bottom. It gives it a very defined look. If I'd had more of this yarn, I'd make some matching fingerless gloves, using double seed for the body and that twisted rib on the cuffs and edge. But, I actually knitted only five rounds of twisted rib at top and bottom (instead of the 6 the pattern called for) so the 92 yards of Saturate would make this pattern (which calls for 100 yards). That strategy worked, but I had only a yard or two left after binding off.

Still, this is pretty and I will give it to Bre, I think, since R tells me she is sick too. (I'm not taking the blame for making her sick, though.)


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