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Monday, January 13, 2014

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I am starting to get my voice back! Huzzah! Now, I'm not going to be winning any yodeling contests, but I can actually communicate with other humans now! Whoo-hoo! I'm starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel that is my dire illness these last 8 days.

EIGHT DAYS!!! That's how long this thing has kicked my ass!

This headband is also a light at the end of the tunnel. Or, rather, it will reflect any light that happens to be shining at it (from the end of a tunnel or from elsewhere, I guess). I bought two skeins of this Red Heart Reflective yarn at Joann right before I got sick. Yes, it was the same shopping trip as the one where I loaded up on Saturate. I can't help it. All yarn was 25% off and I was weak.

Anyway, this yarn has a reflective thread running through it. So, I thought, "You know, I'd like to start taking a walk every now and then. I should make myself some reflective accessories so I don't get run over by any of the crazy old people in my neighborhood who really shouldn't be driving or the people who don't even live in my neighborhood, but cut through anyway like it's their personal shortcut, and go 50 mph down streets with kids and dogs and old people out on them without a care in the world."

And then I thought, "Wait. What if the reflective accessory just makes me easier to see, and so a better target?" But that was a crazy thought.

Anyway, this is the Rachelle Chunky Ear Warmer from Valerie Baber. It's a modified garter stitch with a sewn on button tab. Very quick knit. It probably takes longer to pick out a button than it does to knit.

Here were my choices, btw. A plain blue button or a blue button with silver to play off the reflective strand.

Ultimately, I decided to go with this one. I like that the color is very close to the color of the yarn. But the thing I like the best is how the horizontal lines mimic the the horizontal lines of the garter stitch.

I've got a skein an a half of this yarn left. I think I might make a cowl to go along with this headband. That ought to keep me visible on the road, right?


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