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Monday, January 27, 2014

Wild Kingdom

There were three hawks outside my window today as I was working. Three giant hawks.

They were flying, mostly. But then, every so often, they would all three dive down to the ground together. I couldn't see that they were after anything, but they must have been, right? I don't know a lot about birds, so I just assume they were hunting. (Do hawks hunt in packs?) But maybe it was some kind of mating thing. Not a threesome, but a competition for the third bird's affection. Get your mind out of the gutter, people!

Anyway, I didn't get any pictures because 1) it was so freakin' bright out, with all the snow and 2) they kept flying back up into the sky and the slowest iPhone in the world couldn't get the camera open in time. I did get a picture of Achilles. He enjoyed watching the whole thing.

I didn't see that the hawks got anything, but then later, I worried about Odysseus. He's outside, rememeber? I've been very worried about him with all this cold and snow. I bought him that fancy house to live in, but he doesn't care for it at all. And he can't get in under the house the way he used to because of the energy saving stuff we put on in the summer.

I noticed his tracks in the snow lead to my car, which is NOT a good place for a cat to be. Trust me. We had outdoor cats when I was growing up (because we lived in the country) and I have lost several cats that way. I do NOT want him to be there. What I would like is for him to come and live in my garage (since he is feral and would not do well with my indoor cats).

The garage would be warm and safe and I could keep the predators away from him. Notice I said predators, plural. That's because I have begun to notice coyotes in the neighborhood.

But, since Odysseus will not let me get very close to him, I will have to devise a plan.


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