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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

When A Yarn Doesn't Want To Be Anything

...except frogged... Well, then there's nothing to do but frog it.

I bought this yarn several years ago when it was on sale super cheap. This was in the era of the fun fur scarf and I thought it would be interesting to hold this yarn together with another yarn and make a thick/thin fun fur-type scarf. But I could never really make it work.

So, now flash forward to me sick at home, with nothing that really holds my attention. And I look through one of drawers of yarn and find a few skeins of this Patons Voodoo in a deep Ruby color. Oh yeah. I say to myself. I could concentrate enough to do a novelty yarn garter stitch scarf!

So I tried. I grabbed a complementary color yarn and cast onto #17s. (Those are some of the sparkly needles, btw.)

All I can say is blech. That is the ugliest thing I think I've ever knitted. And I've knitted some uggos. The #17s, despite its large guage is just not quite large enough. The thick tufts of fur on this yarn are just all bunched up like--bunched up tufts of fur.

So I ripped it out and cast on with #35s. That out to get some air into those stitches, right?

It did. But it's still... blech. So, I ripped it out.

Then I cruised Ravelry a bit to see if anyone had made anything out of this yarn. I mean, there are 5000 members of Ravelry, right? Surely someone has successfully made something from this. Well, there are over 80 projects--scarves mainly, but also hats, pillows, and jackets. The ones that looked the best used the Voodoo on its own.

So I tried that.

And this looks the best of all. But it's still pretty awful. I've frogged it out and replaced the yarn in the bottom of the drawer where I found it. Someday I will find something to do with this yarn.

But that day is not today.


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