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Friday, January 17, 2014

Whatever Happened To Beanie Babies?

Remember those? M had a whole bunch of them. I remember how we would always have to get the newest collectible as soon as it came out. We put those little tag protectors on them and put the beanies on the shelf. (Except for Snip. Snip was actually played with. We still have him somewhere.)

Anyway, I was thinking about Beanie Babies because I used to knit little dresses for Snip. Of course, now it occurs to me that he was a boy cat and that might have done some lasting psychological damage to his beanie brain, but it can't be helped now. I also knit dresses and sweaters for Barbie, but I probably knit more things for Snip.

You don't see Beanie Babies any more. And people don't knit dresses for them either, I guess. Heck, you don't even see many Barbie knitted patterns any more. And, if any toy would wear hand knits, it would be Barbie. She's very fashion-conscious.

Of course, Barbie wouldn't actually knit her own sweaters and dresses. She is much too flakey to stick with a hobby for that long. (Seriously. She can't even settle on a career. What are you this week, Barbie? A pilot? A teacher? A vet? A scuba diver? An astronaut? A rock star?)

Barbie could maybe have the patience to knit a scarf. And she would be very vocal about the fact that she knit it herself. Then she would buy all her other hand knits at upscale trendy shops like Anthropologie. And she would just let everyone assume that was her handiwork, too.

Barbie's like that.

...Or, you know. That could just be the cold medicine talking.


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