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Thursday, January 16, 2014


I've been restless lately. Probably because I've been sick and haven't been out of the house in a long time. (Except to go to the doctor's office.) I can't seem to focus on anything for very long, but I seem to be interested (at least initially) in doing a lot of things.

Like, today. I was sitting in the lving room, under my blanket, with the vaporizer blowing mist all around and I thought "Hm. I wonder what's in that drawer?"

And look what I found! This is a set of knitting needles that T put in my stocking several years ago. They're all plastic and I don't normally knit with plastic needles, so I put them in this drawer to use as spares. But I forgot about them. So it's a really fun surprise to find this set.

And they're sparkly!

The only bad thing about these needles is that I can't really read the size numbers on the heads. But that's what needle guages are for, right? And here's a secret: I'm so blind lately that I can't read the size numbers on any of my needles without my glasses. Ha!

I'm going to find something to knit with these.


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