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Saturday, January 18, 2014

If Life Were Only As Simple As My Dog Thinks It Is

My dog is funny. She's old, and doesn't move around very quickly most of the time. But there are a couple of things that get her moving.

The water dish. She loves getting fresh water in her dish. She always has, ever since she was a puppy. I don't know why. It's not like she's ever been deprived and dehydrated. But she does this "water dance" every time you pick up the dish and take it to the faucet for her.

The snow. She's not a fan of the cold. And she won't go into the grass if it's wet with rain or dew. But she loves the snow. She likes to walk around in it, sniff it, watch it. Nobody but little kids and Gengen like snow that much.

Visits from M. Okay, that's a legitimately good thing. Everyone likes a visit from M. But Gengen follows M around and talks to her. There's only one other thing that comes through that door that my dog gets that excited about--pizza. Nothing like the pizza delivery guy coming to the door to make her go apeshit.

M came over the other day and brought a pizza with her. I'm pretty sure Gengen almost had a brain hemmorhage from joy.


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