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Thursday, February 20, 2014

New Phone!

I've got a new Cherry 2000! (It always amazes me how they can take the soul and intellect of my old phone and put it into a new and improved version.)

I wasn't in any big hurry to replace my old phone, though it was a 3GS, which almost makes me a Luddite in this day and age. But it was still doing the job and doing it pretty well, so I wasn't really worried about getting a new one.

Until T broke his.

Well, then, it was just a matter of how I wanted to spend my time. Did I want to go and spend an hour at Best Buy replacing his phone now and then another hour sometime down the road replacing mine? Or did I want to just spend one hour and get them both replaced at once?

It was pretty easy math, really.

Anyway, so now I'm up to date on my iPhone and I'm cool again. (Oh, and T and I both got Otter Boxes. Just in case.)


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