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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Woodland Wreath - Basic Leaves

This Woodland Wreath is going to be a work of art. It's got a little bit of everything on it. The first layer is just basic leaves. These are like Elm leaves or Beech leaves, really. Except they're smooth on the edges. But you know. They're yarn. So that's gonna happen.

Anyway, the pattern calls for two different sizes of leaves. Now here's where careful reading of a pattern would pay off: I thought I was supposed to make some of each size (since at one point the pattern says alternate the leaves as you sew them together). Turns out, the two different sizes were for the two different size wreaths. And that alternating bit was alternating the sides of the stem you sewed them to.

But, as it turns out, later in the pattern it says you could also do both sizes for the same wreath if you wanted to. So, I'm just going to pretend that's what I'm doing on purpose. (And not that I'm knitting without my glasses on.)

This is going to take a lot of leaves, btw.


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