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Monday, March 03, 2014

FO: Fluffy Of A Different Kind

Still not ready to go back to knitting leaves. Ha! I must have some sort of knitter ADHD.

This is some nice yarn that I got a while back. It's Yarn Bee Beguile, which may be discontinued by now, knowing Yarn Bee. I bought several skeins of this and used a couple to knit the Beguiled Scarf for Jill. Then I kind of forgot about the others--blue, black, and white.

They're all really pretty, but I just didn't have anything to make with them. How many scarves does one actually need? (Don't ask M, because she has not hit that limit yet.) So, they languished in my yarn stash.

Until today.

This blue--Agean--is so pretty, especially with the fringiness of this ribbon yarn, that I decided I--in fact--do need one more scarf. As you know, ribbon yarn is sometimes a little too "holey" on its own in a scarf. So at first, I thought I should add another yarn to carry along with it. But I didn't want to detract from the ribbonness of the yarn.

So I tried some Lion Brand Incredible. This is Blue Shades. Color-wise, it matches really well. And since both yarns are ribbon yarns, they knit together pretty well, too. The trouble is, they sort of lose each other when you put them together. Know what I mean?

So, in the end, I just decided to knit the Beguile solo. And that turned out to be the best plan. The scarf is light and fluffy and the fringed ribbon of the Beguile draws the hand in to pet it. I knit this in plain Garter Stitch, but it looks anything but plain. The ridges and fringes give it a multi-tonal look, really.

And, as you can see, I added some fringe to this scarf. Normally, I'm a fringe-free sort of gal, but this scarf really calls for it, don't you think?


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