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Sunday, March 02, 2014

FO: One More Fluffy, Ruffly Scarf

Remember the Potato Chip Scarves? Those scarves that were ruffly because you increased rapidly in every stitch? So you went from 100 stitches to 200 to 400 to 800 and by the time you bound off, you had a million stitches crammed onto your needle? And they were called Potato Chip Scarves because nobody could make just one. (Although, to be fair to the marketing campaign, they should have been called "Lay's Potato Chip Scarves.")

Well, move over Potato Chip Scarf. There's a new Potato Chip Scarf in town. Yeah, you heard me. I made another Starbella Arctic scarf. Somebody stop me!

This one is for me, though. It's Sea Storm color, which is a silvery grey. (Which is really more like storm clouds anywhere, if you ask me. But hey, I guess storm clouds look like that over the sea, too.)

Nothing new here. I used the same #10 or #10 1/2 needles (or the combination of the two) and knit this in the usual way.


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