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Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Big Needle Knitting

Whenever I feel like I just want to accomplish a FO, I bust out the big needles. Now, I know some of you think anything larger than a sock needle is a "big" needle. But I'm talking about big needles.

Ba-boom! Numbah Fiddies! What-what?

Yeah. Ok. I'll never say that again. Sorry.

Anyway. This is Murielle from Alex Lawson. It doesn't really look like Murielle, though, because I took some liberties with the yarn. The pattern calls for a double strand of Super Bulky yarn. I tried a double strand of Lion Brand Chenille Thick and Quick in Dusty Blue, which is Super Bulky, but it looked very loose and... not good. So I wanted to run another yarn with it.

I added a strand of Lion Brand Incredible, another Super Bulky yarn, in Blue Shades. So then I knitted away for a couple of nights. (You have to take a break when you are using those 50's because it's like knitting with telephone poles. Makes your hands a little tired.) This Incredible, by the way, is the prettiest yarn. Love the color so much, and the way it shines. I bought a bunch of Incredible when it was discontinued because I love the way it looks so much.

Actually, I saw this pattern in a magazine and I wanted to make it. So I bought enough of the Autumn Leaves colorway to make it. (That's like 11 balls!) And then I bought a bunch more because I had this idea of making all kinds of ribbon yarn projects.

But, alas, I never did. I did, at one point make a Flip, but that's about it. No skirt. Nothing else.

I still think it's beautiful. It's just that ribbon yarn is hard to knit with. Like chenille. So, why did I choose these two yarns for my scarf? I don't know. As you can see, the chenille is just worming like a vampire from The Strain. I'm just going to pretend it's supposed to do that.

It's pretty, at least.


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