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Monday, September 29, 2014

Keeping In Touch

I got a call from my brother this weekend, and it occured to me that I hadn't talked with him since he visited last month. Worse than that, I don't think I've talked to my other brother in about 7 months. How did that happen? I mean, I've been busy and I know they've been busy, but seriously? How do you go that long without talking to a sibling?

I think I must be the worst sister in the world.

Anyway, we had a good long talk about just nothing at all. Well, about a bunch of things, really. But nothing in particular. I enjoy hearing about what he's up to and about what his family is up to. I enjoy hearing about what's going on in the family. (Apparently, my 97 year old great Aunt was up for a visit recently. Which is encouraging to me that someone in my family lived so long, but also that they had their mental facilities about them at that age. I had not thought that genetically possible until now.)

But it was also fun to compare things that we knew about our childhood, our family, and the town we grew up in. He's younger than I am so some of the things I remember, he doesn't, or he didn't understand at the time. But, I left the town at 17, and he has lived there all his life, so he has more day-to-day contact with the people we've known.

He definitely keeps more in contact with our family than I do. I don't think it's totally my fault, though. I mean, sure. I don't live there. I don't visit frequently. I don't really call that often. But, you know, neither does anyone else. (Except my younger bro, who does go out of his way to visit me and keep in touch. He is a much better brother than I am a sister.)

I think I will definitely try to carve out some time to at least call my older bro. I do miss him, even if I haven't shown it by my lack of contact.


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