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Friday, October 03, 2014

What Shawl I Knit?

Ha. I crack myself up.

This is a shawl--or shawlette, really--that I knit up one night when I just couldn't concentrate on anything. It's just a basic triangle shawl, knit from the bottom up. No center increase, just increases made with yo's at both edges. Basic. What makes this really interesting is the yarn I used.

Now this would be the point where I would tell you what yarn it was, right? Unfortunately, I forgot. And I seem to have tossed the label. I want to say this is Red Heart Boutique Changes, which has been discontinued. You can still find it, though, if you're interested.

This yarn does some interesting things, like change texture and color. It's supposed to be 6 different yarns in one, but really, for all practical purposes, it's three or four. You know, because some changes are so subtle or so short, they don't make any impact. As I look at this, in fact, it takes a close eye to determine 4 yarns. What happened to the other two? I don't know.

I struggled for something to do with this yarn that was not a scarf. It's so pretty in the skein, but so awkward when it's knit up. I settled on a basic triangle shawl, with no pattern at all. And I think that's the way to go. The yarn does the patterning, with it's changes--subtle and obvious--so there's no need to do anything fancier.

If I'd had one more ball of this, I would have made it a bigger shawl, and not this neck shawlette. But I still think it looks good. It's definitely unique.


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