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Friday, October 10, 2014

I Love Yarn Day

It's I Love Yarn Day again. Know how I know that? Because Michael's sent me a text alert telling me it had my favorite crack on sale. Damn you, Michael's. I can't keep buying yarn every time you send me a text! (Even though that's the way it usually works.)

I planned to spend my I Love Yarn Day celebrating by knitting. But, instead, I organized my patterns. And then I went to look for a DK-weight yarn with a long color change that doesn't get too crazy so I could knit a pair of mittens with a pattern I wanted to try.

But then, I went on an hour-long yarn safari, just looking at some of the yarns I had bought and thinking about what I could do with those yarns. It was a lovely moment. And probably the best way to spend I Love Yarn Day.


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