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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Another UFO On The Needles

Since I can't leave well enough alone, and since I have not had the opportunity to go to Michael's or Joann's to get the additional yarn I need for The Scarf That Shall Not Be Named, I'ved decided to cast on another UFO.

Why, you ask, would I cast on another UFO instead of finishing one of the many UFOs I already have on the needles? Because this one has a naughty word in it!

It's the Fuck The Cold Hat, which I am working as a cowl instead of a hat. This is the way I feel, folks. Cold. And angry about the cold. Cangry, if you will. Plus, I just wasn't able to get guage for the hat.

I will probably try this again with smaller needles. Or different yarn, maybe. I think T would like to have a matching hat. And it goes pretty quickly. For colorwork.

I'm trying to carry my floats pretty loosely across the back. I want to avoid any scrunching up of the fabric. But I am noticing that I can see the floats through the space between the stitches in some places. Is that too loose, then? Sigh. I'm working on finding that Goldilocks tension.

This should be finished quickly. Stay tuned.


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