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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

WIPs and UFOs

I've come to the sad conclusion that the Winter Is Coming Scarf is going to take another skein of each color. Is it supposed to be this long? I can't see how it can be this guage and be this long.

Anyway, I think I will need to hold off on the dupe stitch until I finish the scarf itself. I'll need the rest of this skein to work on alternating rows with the new skein so there is not a huge difference because of dye lots. And let me just say that pisses me off, because I had plenty of yarn for this. Or so I thought. Obviously, I was mistaken.

What a pain in the ass.

Anyway. Progress on that has halted until I get more yarn.

I wanted to start the ringbearer pillow for R and Bre's wedding. I dug out the book with the pattern that I'd already packed. And I found my dpns to start the thing off. But, I realized that the yarn that I had earmarked for this pillow wasn't white. I had Ivory. And, while ivory is a fine color, I want white.

So I will need yarn for that.

So, since I feel the need to have yet another UFO on the needles, I started a hat for T.

I know.


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