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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Holiday Mouse Ornament

Now that my swap partner has received the ornament I made, I can show you a picture of it.

Cute, eh? It's the Holiday Mice pattern from Barbara Prime. I decided to knit mine in white because I just thought she'd be cuter that way. Little pink nose. Little pink ears.

And how do you like that pink tail? I braided the yarn super tight so that it was pretty stiff, then I just curled it around my finger. Worked awesomely and held up, even during shipping.

This little hood gives the mouse the look of a caroller, I think. I had that thought a little too late for this nmouse, but I think the next one is going to be holding some sheet music. Or maybe a gift.

I have to say, this one was so cute I almost kept it for myself.


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