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Monday, January 12, 2015

January WIPs: Progress Report

So far, so good staying on task. Sure, I've been distracted a little, but hey. I'm gonna get distracted. You just have to deal with that.

I have worked on the Winter Is Coming Scarf here and there. (Only so much dupe stitch you can take before you start going a little crazy, right?) I have WINTER IS C so far. (And it is. It's cold. Freakin' cold front just parked right on top of Indiana.) This is it on top of my piano. Couldn't get the whole thing in the shot.

I also finished my January swap ornament and got it in the mail. Once my partner receives it, I'll post a photo. But let me just say, it's so freakin' cute, I will definitely be making some of these for myself.

Then, since I wanted to get a head start on February's ornament, I started that. It was going pretty well, until I remembered... Oh hey. Maybe I should start knitting the ringbearer pillow or the lace tablecloth that I want to do for R's wedding?


So, first things first. I packed the book with the ringbearer pillow pattern in it, back when I thought we would be moving soon. (That's still going to happen. By the way, if anyone has any ideas on how to get a realtor to call you back or return emails so you can look at one of their listings, I'd love to hear them. I swear, if I were working on commission, I'd be following up every lead. I mean, good God. I called them. It's not like they had to do any work to source me, right? I called/emailed/hit the button on the website and said hey, I want to look at this house. And not one of them has called me back or emailed me. Three different realtors. In over a month. Even the realtor we were working with before has not responded to any communication in over 2 months. But then, he was never any good at communication anyway. But I digress.)

So I have to find that box and get the pattern. I have the yarn and needles in my stash. My plan is to use this pillow to get back into the swing of lace knitting before I tackle the larger tablecloth. Also to build my confidence before I start the large project. (I like to have a score in the win column before doing something important, don't you?)

I'm pretty excited about it.


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