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Wednesday, January 07, 2015

January WIP: Winter Is Coming Scarf

Remember all the problems I had with duplicate stitch prior to Christmas? I was so frustrated! And, if it hadn't been for all the problems with duplicate stitch, this scarf would have been done in time for Christmas.

The Christmas Knitting Ravelry group I belong to has a January knit/crochet-along of sorts going this month. Basically, it's a finish your Works In Progress knit-along. Now, you and I both know I'm never, in a million Januaries, going to be able to finish all my WIPs. Especially because I have R & Bre's wedding to knit for in May. But I would like to finish the Christmas scarf that I am making for T.

Since it's a Christmas present. And Christmas was weeks ago. And it's freakin' cold now. And he could use it. You see what I'm saying here?

Frankly, I've been a little off duplicate stitch since the pre-Christmas duplicate stitch fiasco. Like, I just don't even want to try because I know it's just going to frustrate me. And really, I'm stressed to the limit right now. Any more frustration and I'm likely to do something really crazy.

But, you will be happy to know that, after I forced myself to get the project bag out and actually begin, it went pretty well. I had no problems. (Well, outside of the fact that it's difficult at my age level of blindness to see any sort of stitch definition with black yarn.) I was able to accomplish quite a bit in a very short period of time.

Here's the first leg of the W in Winter. Looks pretty good, eh? Lots better than my first, second, third, etc. attempts. How weird is it that nothing has changed, but somehow now the results are good?

Need to finish this up, but I am also working on my January ornament for the ornament swap. And, you know, I started a second Gallatin Scarf (this time, according to the pattern). But I'm maybe 4 rows from being finished with that, so it's ok.

And then, it's time to start the wedding stuff.


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