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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ringbearer Pillow Started

Okay! So I've got my yarn and started the Ringbearer Pillow from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. I'm excited about it because R and Bre are doing a lot of DIY stuff for their wedding and I really wanted to make something very special for the wedding. (Bre's mom is fantastic with the sewing machine and she is making dresses for the two of us! How awesome is that?)

I'm also excited because I haven't really knit lace in a while and I just think it will be fun. And, by fun, I mean challenging. I certainly don't think I'll be cheering "Whoo-hoo! Tiny yarn on tiny dpns, and a chart!" If that were my kind of fun, you can bet I would've enjoyed Fifty Shades of Grey a lot more than I did.

I guess the needles aren't so tiny. I had to step down to a #3 for guage. But the yarn is tiny. It's Light Fingering. (Not going to make a Fifty Shades joke here.) But, it really is only 36 rounds, so it's not going to be too terrible.

And, I've got the worst of it out of the way--the beginning. (You know, that part where you have just a few stitches on a bunch of dpsn and you're trying to increase and join and not twist...) I have just enough done that you can see the lace starting to emerge.

I don't think this will take long to knit, if I can devote the time to doing it. Of course, after it's knit and blocked, it will have to be sewn to the pillow form and then beaded.

Still, I think it will be spectacular-looking.


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