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Saturday, February 28, 2015

FO: Eagle Feathers Table Runner

Whoo-hoo! Finished it. And on time, too! We will be celebrating M's birthday tomorrow (even though it is actually today) so I'm glad to have this done and ready for her.

This is the Eagle Feathers Table Runner, based on the Eagle Feathers Scarf. M had mentioned a while back that she would like a lace table runner, and she really likes chevrons. This is kinda chevrony, so I thought it would suit the bill.

This is how it looks on my dining room table. My table's a bit bigger than M's, so I think it will fit hers really well. It's about 5 feet long.

This is an interesting pattern, and a really easy one. It just looks complex. Most of the pattern is like this:

You see? It's all the same pattern, just a couple of the rows are repeated several times. So the first time you repeat the pattern once, then in the next section you repeat it 3 times, etc, so the "feathers" get lengthened. The only part that's really any different is the first part, which is actually the middle part.

That part's really the most difficult part, too. Not that it's difficult. But there are some awkward stitches. Like P2togTBL, or Slip2,P1,P2SSO. Not hard. Just awkward.

I didn't make many adjustments to this pattern at all. I used the same needle size that was called for (#8) and the same guage of yarn. I did add an additional 8 stitches to make this a little wider. It amounted to one more pattern repeat. And I knitted 10 repeats of that first pattern section--the pattern said 10-15.

I blocked this, but it curled like a mofo, even with the seed stitch border. But, you know, that border is only 2 stitches wide, which really is not a big border at all. I ended up steam blocking the edges so it would lay flatter. We'll see. I told M she should just put it on the table and never touch it.


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