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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Project Update: Numerous UFOs

But this is not my fault, really. Well, okay. The Winter Is Coming Scarf is my fault. Should've started that thing way earlier. Still not finished with it. But I'm getting there. I've finished all the letters and now I just need to add the other dire wolf at the end. This is going to be a long scarf. Loooooong. Like Fourth Doctor Scarf long. But, as cold as it has been getting, that will be welcome.

Of course, I probably won't finish it before August, the way it's going.

I have also had to jump from project to project because of timing. R, M, Bre, and my brother all have birthdays in the same time frame. And then there's Valentine's Day. And R and Bre's wedding coming up. So it's not really my fault that I would have so many UFOs going at the same time.

I'm in the process of knitting something for M's birthday now. I won't mention what it is or show a picture, just in case she's reading this. But I think she will really like it. I still have quite a bit of work to do on it, though. I don't know why, but it seems like my projects lately have gone much slower than ever before.

I'm also working on Bre's gift which, again, I won't mention what it is because she might read this.

And, don't forget, I still have to order the thread for the wedding gift and knit it. (Oh, and also need to finish up the Ringbearer Pillow.)

All that seems like a lot of knitting, but I think I can get it done. The end is nigh. Believe me.


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