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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter Is Finally Here

Oh, Sweet Mabey Jabey! I might be finished with the Winter Is Coming Scarf!

Listen, I thought I was going to finish it last night. I thought it was possible. But as the knitting continued, the silver skein of yarn dwindled a little too rapidly, I thought. Several times, I stopped and held its weight in my hand--Is there enough to finish? You remember I wasn't able to find the silver color anywhere, right? So it was very important that there was enough of this to finish.

But there wasn't. I don't know why I would be surprised by that. That has been my luck for about 6 months now--everything I touch just turns to crap. (Seriously. I got in the car with R today and we drove about 100 feet before getting a flat. That's after a flat and a dead battery in my own car just in the last 10 days. Maybe it's not me per se, but I seem to be attracting some bad medicine this way. Take my word for it.)

Anyway, of course there wasn't enough to finish. I came up 10 rows short. How do you like that? And the ends need to be symetrical, so I couldn't just make the scarf an inch and half shorter, right? Ten rows short.

#*%! me.

The good news is, I was able to stop at Joann on the way home from work and--lo and behold--they had the silver color in stock! So, back home for some quick knitting while I listen to Alan Cumming read Dracula on Audible.com, and I finished it up in no time at all!

So, without further adieu, here is T's Winter Is Coming Scarf! (Only 2 months late for Christmas. I will just go sit in the corner now and eat dirt.) My dining room table seats 6, so that gives you an idea as to how long it is.

Still needs to be blocked, and I am waiting to weave in these ends to see if he wants a fringe or not. But yeah, basically done. At least I'm going to count it as an FO.


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