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Friday, June 12, 2015

Swap Flower!

I must say, I'm really enjoying this monthly ornament swap! It's so much fun to get a new ornament each month. But also, it's fun to see the ornaments, fibers, colors, embellishments that others have chosen. I have been so happy with all the ornaments I've gotten.

Like this one, from Sha. What a gorgeous flower! I love the little bead center. Thank you Sha!

Listen, I was going to hang all my swap ornaments on the big tree this Christmas. But now I think I will give them a special place of honor, all to themselves. There will be 12 of them, so plenty to do a separate display. I'm thinking of putting my small tree in the dining room and hanging all the swap ornaments on it. That will be pretty, I think, especially because the mitten garland I got in a previous swap from Mary Elizabeth will be displayed in the window of that room.

Look at me... planning ahead for Christmas! Ha!


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