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Thursday, February 25, 2016


I have been watching dance videos on YouTube the last couple of nights. It started out with the Latin dances--salsa, zouk, mambo--and then I started watching Lindy Hop videos.

I love Lindy Hop! It's fast and the dancers just move all over the floor with their whole bodies. And they look like they are having so much fun. That's the main thing, I think, that attracts me. They look like they are having fun while they are doing it.

I really want to learn Lindy Hop now. I want to do something that I have fun doing. It's been so long and I just don't enjoy the things I used to enjoy.

I showed T one of the videos today and he seemed very receptive to the idea of learning to Lindy Hop with me. Not sure if our old bodies can take it, but I know this old heart really wants to have fun again.


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