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Thursday, May 03, 2012

One More Gnome

Again, I don't know what gnomes have to do with Christmas. And, again, let me say I think these need faces. (Had all three on the coffee table and R did a double take while walking by. He looked at them suspiciously and then back to me. "Voodoo dolls?" I shook my head. Why does everyone in this house think I'm up to no good?)But they are damned addictive to make.

This is #3 of the gnomes. Made them all the same way--because I like them that way. I might go back and make some green ones. And add some pointy ears, maybe. That would make them Christmasy, I think. (Elves... Santa's sweatshop workshop... Get it?)

But I'm kind of tired of making gnomes right now. On to other things. Like... Oh yeah. It's the Year Of The Afghan. Gotta get to that.


Blogger Lintulai said...

You should check out Finnish Christmas! Because that's what you're knitting, gnomes (a gnome = tonttu) are vital!

12:49 PM  

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