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Sunday, June 24, 2012

A Letter From AW

My Dearest Patwoman,

It is hot here in Gotham City. Hot like a whip crack in the air. Hot like a defiant look from a lady who knows the jig is up. Hot like the passion between two lovers from different sides of the law--two lovers who know their desires are forbidden.

Patwoman, my marvelous minx! Give up the illicit (but sexy) life of an international art thief / knitter and join forces with me! I will tell Robin to hit the bricks and pledge my crime-fighting partnership to you, if only you will say the word.

Say that you will be mine and we will travel the night together. We will scamper across the rooftops like two... scampering things. And, we will fight our mutual felonious foes with snappy repartee, filled with sexual innuendo and double entendre.

Only say it, Patwoman, and make it Helsinki all over again.

I am, forever yours,



Sweet Adam,

What a dilemma! Helsinki was hot, I will agree. And you were like a man on fire. Yet, how can I deny all that I am--smokin' hot knitter and international art thief?

Is that not what makes me hot in the first place? Can you tell me that those ice-covered rooftops would have been just as exciting, just as titillating (Oh yeah, I went there!) if I were some tame marketing director? Can you honestly believe the taboo factor had nothing to do with our red-hot courtship?

No, sweet bat. The forbidden fruit is always the sweetest. And Helsinki... Well, that fruit was--

Oh, geez. Is it hot in here, or what?!



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