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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Not Knitting - A Trip To The Desert

Believe me, I would prefer a trip to the dessert, but unfortunately I know the difference in spelling.

I didn't actually go to the desert, btw. I just walked out the front door. This is my front yard. Looks like crap. Look at the deep cracks in the ground and the bare patches. My only consolation is that my next door neighbor waters the crap out his yard and I know the state of my yard pisses him off.

It's been about a month since it actually rained here. (Indianapolis did get some measurable rain on one day--like half an inch--but it didn't rain at all on my side of town.) I don't water the grass. I think it's a waste of water. It's just grass. The grass will grow back the first time it rains. Not a big deal. I do water my flowers and shrubs, however. And my tomatoes.

They are holding on.

Curiously, the grass around my composter is all dead, too. You would think it would be super-vibrant. (Don't look inside the composter, btw. It's really gross in there.) Really, the only thing thriving in my yard are these flowering bushes. They've actually grown so tall, they have topped the house and need to be trimmed.

Oh God. I hope they haven't broken a water pipe with their roots...


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