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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Shopping Trip

The Dollar Store is such a cool place. I wish there were Dollar Stores when I was a kid. (We had the 5 & 10¢ store, but believe me, I never saw a thing there for 5 or 10¢. In fact, those crappy Not-Barbie dolls you get for $1 at the Dollar Store now are the same Not-Barbie dolls you could get when I was a kid... for $1.)

A lot of the stuff at the Dollar Store is the same stuff you could get for $1 when I was a kid, in fact. Bag of Army Guys, nail polish, fake flowers, 10 packs of flower seeds... All that was $1 when I was a kid, too. If that doesn't seem remarkable to you, let me just remind you that gas was 40¢ a gallon back then.

Anyway, I like to go to the Dollar Store (notice I've capitalized it, out of respect) for nail polish, paper napkins, Not-Windex, paper plates, party cups, candles, glue for my glue gun, wooden spoons, plastic spoons--basically, all kinds of stuff. Oh, and these, my favorite candy.

It always amazes me what you will find in the Dollar Store on any given day. M pointed out 50 feet of rainbow-colored clothesline to me. But I was most surprised by these items. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think I would be inclined to put that much faith in these products.


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